About Us

USA SIMs is one of the largest suppliers of prepaid SIM cards for use in the United States. USA SIMs provides its customers with a simple way to own your own American cell phone number and pay local rates - all with no hassle! Just pop out your SIM card and pop in the new American one and you are good to go.

USA SIMs is an American based company with offices located just outside Boston, Massachusetts. Our unique setup allows us to provide support for the individual traveler, families, and large groups (independent and via travel agents) before, during and after your trip. This support includes not only the physical SIM card, but we can provide cell phones as well as all kinds of technical support - the USA SIMs team will be there for you to answer all your cellular needs.

We can ship your SIM card to anywhere in the world, or have it waiting for you here in America at your local accommodations.

We invite you look around our site and if you have any questions, please always feel free to contact us.