H2O Pay As You Go SIM Card

Call Credit:
SIM Card Type:
Total - $19.95

Making Calls
  All calls with in the USA 5¢/min
Text Messages
  All Text Messages to the USA
  All International Text Messages 10¢
  All incoming text messages
  Internet 10¢ per MB
International Calling
  For a complete list of international call rates click here  
$25 a Month Plan
  1000 Minutes or 1000 Text or 250 MB of Internet Valid for 30 Days $25 a Month

The H2O wireless Unlimited plan is one of the premier unlimited GSM plans in the USA, utilizing the extensive AT&T network.

An H2O wireless unlimited SIM card not only provides unlimited calling in the USA but also outstanding coverage throughout the USA.


An H2O wireless unlimited prepaid SIM card offers the following free standard features: caller ID, voice mail, and much more.

Receive Text messages via e-mail using your unique e-mail address of your 10-digit wireless number, plus: @txt.att.net Example: 2012221111@txt.att.net

5¢ a Minute
5¢ a Text
10¢ a MB
Operates On The AT&T Network
NO Credit Checks or Contracts

Click here for coverage maps


H2O Wireless uses the AT&T GSM 850/1900 Mobile Network in the USA. The AT&T network has been rated as the number one GSM network in the USA with coverage throughout.

Service Life

The service life on your SIM card is dependent on how much you top up.

Refill Amount Service Life
$10 90 days
$20 90 days
$30 90 days
$100 1 Year

Please Note: Top ups are not stackable. For example, 2 $10 top ups will not extend your service life 60 days, just 30 days from the last $10 refill.