SIM Card Comparison Chart

10 A Minute Plan
$2 A Day Unlimited Plan
T-Mobile Spot Mobile Red Pocket H2O H2O
$25 Plan
Cost per min to make and receive a call 10¢/min FREE $0.10 - $0.33/min 10¢/min 10¢/min 5¢/min 2.5¢/min
In network calls 10¢/min FREE $0.10 - $0.33/min 10¢/min 10¢/min 5¢/min 2.5¢/min
Daily fee none $2 a day none none none none none
Receive Text $0.10 FREE $0.05 $0.05 $0.10 $0.5 $0.025
Send Text $0.20 FREE $0.10 $0.05 $0.10 $0.5 $0.025
Send International Text $0.25 FREE $0.35 $0.05 $0.10
Three Way Calling
Long Distance
Caller ID
International Rates
NOTE: All rates are the total rate including the cost of the call
Spot Mobile
Red Pocket
H2O $25
Australia $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.16/min
Australia Mobile $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.20/min $0.30/min $0.30/min $0.29/min
Belgium $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.18/min $0.18/min $0.16/min
Belgium Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.27/min $0.32/min $0.32/min $0.35/min
Brazil $0.36/min $0.36/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.20/min $0.20/min $0.16/min
Brazil Mobile $0.36/min $0.36/min $1.60/min $0.28/min $0.31/min $0.31/min $0.29/min
Canada - Landline and Mobile $0.19/min $0.19/min $0.50/min $0.104/min $0.15/min $0.15/min $0.15/min
Chile $0.37/min $0.37/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.16/min
Chile Mobile $0.37/min $0.37/min $1.60/min $0.15/min $0.32/min $0.32/min $0.29/min
China $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.15/min $0.15/min $0.15/min
China Mobile $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.15/min $0.15/min $0.17/min
Colombia $0.26/min $0.26/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.23/min $0.23/min $0.19/min
Colombia Mobile $0.26/min $0.26/min $1.60/min $0.17/min $0.22/min $0.22/min $0.24/min
Costa Rica $0.19/min $0.19/min $1.60/min $0.16/min $0.20/min $0.20/min $0.19/min
Costa Rica Mobile $0.19/min $0.19/min $1.60/min $0.17/min $0.35/min $0.35/min $0.19/min
Denmark $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.16/min
Denmark Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.39/min $0.35/min $0.35/min $0.32/min
Dominican Republic $0.27/min $0.27/min $1.60/min $0.14/min $0.21/min $0.21/min $0.20/min
Dominican Republic Mobile $0.27/min $0.27/min $1.60/min $0.22/min $0.27/min $0.27/min $0.29/min
Ecuador $0.53/min $0.53/min $1.60/min $0.24/min $0.25/min $0.25/min $0.25/min
Ecuador Mobile $0.53/min $0.53/min $1.60/min $0.34/min $0.36/min $0.36/min $0.32/min
El Salvador $0.29/min $0.29/min $1.60/min $0.41/min $0.25/min $0.25/min $0.25/min
El Salvador Mobile $0.29/min $0.29/min $1.60/min $0.37/min $0.28/min $0.28/min $0.26/min
Finland $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.16/min $0.18/min $0.18/min $0.17/min
Finland Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.23/min $0.33/min $0.33/min $0.30/min
France $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.15/min
France Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.21/min $0.32/min $0.32/min $0.29/min
Germany $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.15/min
Germany Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.28/min $0.37/min $0.37/min $0.29/min
Hong Kong - Landline and Mobile $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.15/min $0.15/min $0.15/min
India $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.20/min $0.20/min $0.23/min
India Mobile $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.20/min $0.20/min $0.23/min
Ireland $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.18/min $0.18/min $0.15/min
Ireland Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.39/min $0.35/min $0.35/min $0.41/min
Israel $0.29/min $0.29/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.18/min $0.18/min $0.16/min
Israel Mobile $0.29/min $0.29/min $1.60/min $0.22/min $0.24/min $0.24/min $0.22/min
Italy $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.15/min
Italy Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.30/min $0.34/min $0.34/min $0.29/min
Jamaica $0.89/min $0.89/min $0.90/min $0.21/min $0.23/min $0.23/min $0.25/min
Jamaica Mobile $0.89/min $0.89/min $0.90/min $0.40/min $0.35/min $0.35/min $0.35/min
Japan $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.13/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.17/min
Japan Mobile $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.21/min $0.31/min $0.31/min $0.27/min
Mexico $0.10/min $0.10/min $0.50/min $0.12/min $0.15/min $0.15/min $0.19/min
Mexico Mobile $0.26/min $0.26/min $0.50/min $0.23/min $0.45/min $0.45/min $0.39/min
Netherlands $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.15/min
Netherlands Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.28/min $0.44/min $0.44/min $0.39/min
New Zealand $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.17/min
New Zealand Mobile $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.33/min $0.35/min $0.35/min $0.39/min
Norway $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.15/min
Norway Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.37/min $0.32/min $0.32/min $0.29/min
Panama $0.44/min $0.44/min $1.60/min $0.15/min $0.27/min $0.27/min $0.19/min
Panama Mobile $0.44/min $0.44/min $1.60/min $0.29/min $0.36/min $0.36/min $0.29/min
Peru $0.44/min $0.44/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.21/min $0.21/min $0.19/min
Peru Mobile $0.44/min $0.44/min $1.60/min $0.29/min $0.37/min $0.37/min $0.35/min
Philippines $0.89/min $0.89/min $1.60/min $0.27/min $0.25/min $0.25/min $0.25/min
Philippines Mobile $0.89/min $0.89/min $1.60/min $0.31/min $0.37/min $0.37/min $0.29/min
Poland $0.99/min $0.99/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.18/min $0.18/min $0.16/min
Poland Mobile $0.99/min $0.99/min $1.60/min $0.25/min $0.35/min $0.35/min $0.35/min
Portugal $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.17/min $0.17/min $0.17/min
Portugal Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.28/min $0.38/min $0.38/min $0.39/min
Russia $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.20/min $0.20/min $0.17/min
Russia Mobile $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.17/min $0.21/min $0.21/min $0.19/min
Singapore $0.89/min $0.89/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.15/min $0.15/min $0.15/min
Singapore Mobile $0.89/min $0.89/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.15/min $0.15/min $0.15/min
South Africa $1.29/min $1.29/min $1.60/min $0.15/min $0.20/min $0.20/min $0.21/min
South Africa Mobile $1.29/min $1.29/min $1.60/min $0.25/min $0.32/min $0.32/min $0.35/min
South Korea $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.15/min $0.15/min $0.16/min
South Korea Mobile $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.21/min $0.21/min $0.22/min
Spain $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.16/min $0.16/min $0.16/min
Spain Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.27/min $0.35/min $0.35/min $0.35/min
Sweden $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.18/min $0.18/min $0.15/min
Sweden Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.18/min $0.36/min $0.36/min $0.35/min
Switzerland $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.18/min $0.18/min $0.15/min
Switzerland Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.42/min $0.36/min $0.36/min $0.41/min
Taiwan $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.15/min $0.15/min $0.17/min
Taiwan Mobile $1.09/min $1.09/min $1.60/min $0.19/min $0.22/min $0.22/min $0.22/min
Thailand $0.89/min $0.89/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.23/min $0.23/min $0.19/min
Thailand Mobile $0.91/min $0.91/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.23/min $0.23/min $0.23/min
Turkey $0.79/min $0.79/min $1.60/min $0.13/min $0.30/min $0.30/min $0.31/min
Turkey Mobile $0.79/min $0.79/min $1.60/min $0.26/min $0.34/min $0.34/min $0.31/min
United Kingdom $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.11/min $0.16/min $0.16/min $0.15/min
United Kingdom Mobile $0.49/min $0.49/min $1.60/min $0.30/min $0.32/min $0.32/min $0.29/min
Venezuela $0.41/min $0.41/min $1.60/min $0.12/min $0.19/min $0.19/min $0.17/min
Venezuela Mobile $0.41/min $0.41/min $1.60/min $0.20/min $0.27/min $0.27/min $0.31/min