AT&T Unlimited SIM Card

Service Plan:
SIM Card Type:
Total - $19.95

Making Calls
  Monthly Fee $45
  All Calls within the USA FREE
  All Incomming Calls FREE
  1 GB of 4GB Intetnet FREE
4G Internet Packages
  1.5 GB $15
  2.5 GB $25
  3.5 GB $35
Text Messages
  All outgoing text messages to anywhere in the world FREE
  All incoming text messages FREE

The AT&T unlimited plan is one of the premier unlimited GSM plans in the USA, utilizing the #1 GSM network in the USA.

An AT&T unlimited SIM card not only provides unlimited calling in the UAS but also outstanding coverage throught the USA.


An AT&T unlimited prepaid SIM card offers the following free standard features: caller ID, voicemail, and much more.

Recive Text messages via e-mail using your unique e-mail address of your 10-digit wireless number, plus: Example:

Unlimited FREE Calls
Unlimited FREE Text Messages to Anywhere in the World
4.5 GB of 4G Data Available
Local USA Phone Number
Operates on the #1 GSM network in the USA
NO Credit Checks or Contracts

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AT&T uses a GSM 850/1900 GSM network in the USA. The AT&T network has been rated as the #1 GSM network in the USA with coverage throughout.

Service Life

The service life on your SIM card is dependent on how much you top up.

Refill Amount Service Life
$50 30 days
$100 60 days

Please Note: Your wireless phone number expires in 30 days from your last day of service if you do not replenish your account.